Decline in Sales

Over the last few years I have noticed a decline sales as companies and individuals focus on cutting costs and downsizing. Sometimes this exercise is a valuable one in regaining focus and streamlining the organization to perform at its peak. The pitfall however could be that the areas cut are vital ones that cause a steep decline in productivity and ultimately affect your bottom line. Fresh Beginnings focuses on assisting organizations big and small to assist with this vital process, we also advise on where the cutting needs to take place, but most importantly we coach during the change in order to obtain maximum benefit and increase your bottom line. We work with your sales team to motivate, your sales management team to implement structures that drive a sales force, but at the same time work with the other departments to ensure that the organization is operating at its optimum level to attain success and market penetration. For some advise on the way forward drop me a mail on

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