How do you measure Sales? - 2014-10-30

  How Do You Measure Sales? October 2014  Many organizations have a hard time defining Sales Enablement.  Which makes it nearly impossible to determine success.  But if you invest in Sales Enablement, you should be able to measure it.  How is this done?  Let’s start with the definition ... more

Why Top Sales Performers Need You the Most - 2014-10-30

Why Top Sales Performers Need You the Most October 2014  Time allocation is the most difficult decision a Sales Manager faces every day.  Trying to decide how to balance between the team and corporate.  The Sales Manager has become one of the most difficult jobs. Furthermore, how should a Sales Manager split their t... more

Some interesting facts from SBI (Sales Benchmark Index) - 2014-10-20

Time is the Metric That Matters for Sales October 19, 2014 at 6:30 AM Sales Operations leaders are awash in a sea of metrics. Dashboards tell you the status of funnels and pipelines, of quotas and attainment. But when was the last time you measured time? Of all the metrics to choose from it’s hard to identify one more ... more

Decline in Sales - 2014-08-18

Over the last few years I have noticed a decline sales as companies and individuals focus on cutting costs and downsizing. Sometimes this exercise is a valuable one in regaining focus and streamlining the organization to perform at its peak. The pitfall however could be that the areas cut are vital ones that cause a steep decline in productivity an... more

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