In today's economy the challeng to reduce costs while growing top and bottom line in sales and operations has never been greater. With our ability to maximize operational efficiencies, unlock growth potential, and empower transformative change, Fresh Beginnings aims to reduce overall operating costs and invest in your business growth. Our team has a unique blend of industry and consulting experiance, which provides pragmatic solutions to complex issues while leveraging industry best practices.

We work collaboratively with clients: We strive to become an integrated partner with our clients, serving as an extension of managment and professional teams. Thus we can offer an interim solution while assisting in recruiting. Working together with the organisation to restructure their deparments, resolving performance issues and developing systems and processes to improve performance of the organsiation as a whole.

We deliver pragmatic and realizable solutions: We apply our experience to focus quickly on core opportunities with the highest return and develop innovative, pragmatic solutions for implementation with sustainable results.

We are independent: We focus on client advisory services, thus we work in conjunction with our clients to find a workable solution tailor made to their needs and unique environments.

Our organisation and our culture are client-focused: As a proffessional services firm, we have embedded our clients' priorities in our organizational model, recruiting programs, and incentive systems. Our clients come first!

We are a people business: Our client philosophy recognizes that world-class advisory is delivered by talented and world-class proffessionals.


  • ​To provide high quality consultancy services which positively impact on sales and operational performance - FAST
  • To enable controlled growth with sustainabiltiy, by implementing proven process in each area
  • To become the consultancy know for delivering results with absolute integrity


  • To always listen actively to our clients
  • To work within our copetencies in an open and transparent manner
  • At all times we will demonstrate a respect for the value of time

We will work ethically, respecting the diversity of our clients' unique needs!


Career Summary:

Landie has been involved in different aspects of sales for the past 21 years, 17 of those have been within a management role running both internal and external sales teams, with the sizes varying from 5 to 60 staff. Her passion is coaching and believes that coaching is core to growing individuals and organisations. She is very hands on in her approach and has the ability to connect with all levels, from your Jnr Sales person right up to Director Level. She has been key in developing individuals from all walks of life and at any level of experiance. With her extensive experience within a variety of organisations and a wide range of industries she has the ability to recognise possible pitfalls within an organisation and if need be develop a structure and environment conducive to a happy, energised and performing sales team. She understands business and how different departments interlink and has the ability to strategically link these departments to assist with creating the ideal sales force and sales managment structure.                                                                       

What Landie can do for your organisation is bring a fresh set of eyes within the organisation in order to analyse your process and evaluate your sales staff and interlinking departments in order to find loop holes in processes, departmental frictions and structure as well as assess sales staffs skills and performance. This will assist in developing a unique solution for your organisation and executing it to show an improvement in performance, moral, motivation, bottom-line, and interdepartmental proficiencies.

Areas of strength;

  1. Assessing sales teams and interlinking departments
  2. Developing a team or individual coaching plan and executing it
  3. Streamlining procedures
  4. Developing sales focused measurement tools to track sales on a weekly/monthly basis
  5. Developing commission structures that motivate
  6. Performance management
  7. Assistance and training on how to recruit a sales individual
  8. Sales motivation
  9. Departmental integration
  10. Lead generation
  11. New business development
  12. Sales management coaching/Training
  13. Setting up a sales team from scratch
  14. Structural changes and integration
  15. Hands on sales training
  16. Recruiting sales staff that fit your culture and expectation

Should you need further information or reference and endorsements views please follow this link to my LinkedIn profile:

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