Often within a sales environment there are factors that affect sales and the bottom line, which if you are part of the process on a daily basis are very difficult to identify. We over the years have been key in finding these factors and finding solutions to them which can assist in overcoming these hurdles. Along with identifying processes and strategic development tools that allow you to track the progress of the solution implemented. We all agree that sales is a numbers game, however if the correct environment is not created conducive to achieving these numbers you will either not know you have made it or you will not know why you have not made it. Fresh Beginnings specialises in finding these solutions and implementing them unique to your environment.

We have found that staff within a company are often too familiar to see problems or solutions and most times do not know how to fix these problems thus tend to ignore them. We will find the problem with the solution and be open and honest on all aspects of the problem which staff generally would not be able to do, in essence we will be a neutral set of eyes identifying pro’s and con’s within an organisation which normally would have been ignored.

We are very versatile in finding solutions that work for your unique environment and are condusive to generating specific outcomes dictated by yourself and the sales team. We have worked with existing corporate organisations that want a revamp or refocus, with smaller organisations that have reached their stagnant bell curve and organisations that want to break new ground in new geographical areas. In all these instances we take note of the organisation itself, the product or service being sold and the history. We then, all things considered work on a unique solution for your organisation. 

The solution could be purely looking at:

  • Your renumeration and rewards system
  • Sales management strategy
  • Sales strategy as a whole
  • Product offering
  • Reporting system
  • Performance management
  • Sales structure
  • Effective Sales meetings

Further to this we could offer the following services:

  • Sales Management coaching
  • Sales Team coaching
  • Interim Sales Managment 
  • Ongoing weekly Sales Management

The solution that your organisation needs is dictated by yourself and due to the fact that we are vesatile we can find a tailor made solution specific to your individual needs.

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